Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is it ethical to give codeine to a baby?

I KID, I KID. Really, the sleeping is getting better. In other words, the adult members of the household are getting more sleep, so functionality is definitely on an upswing. In the days of sleeping glory, we would put Adam down, swaddled, at around 10pm and he usually slept until 5am or so. Now, in our unswaddled world, we put him down around 8pm, he sleeps until 2am, and on a really, really fabulous night, he'll then sleep until 7:30am. Last night he was up at 1am and again at 5:30, but he slept until 8:30am. It's just strange how it's all changed.

But, then, he's changed. He's rolling over...and over...and over. Yesterday, he rolled all the way across the room. I asked him to roll to the fridge and get me a beverage, but that's sort of an advanced skill. Next week. He's fascinated with his hands, though he's chewing them until they're raw. He flexes his fingers and waves his hands in front of his face, simply mesmerized. You can hear his little baby brain thinking "wow, these are mine, look at the cool shapes they make." But the best, most delightful Adamism is the laughing out loud, "Dad, you're hysterical," stuff. Everything just delights him. And his mom and dad just stare, rapt.

On the non-Adam front, work is crazy and it's crazy cold here. I'm not a winter girl, I abhor being cold and it's damn cold. But, my little chunkopotamous takes the edge off...


PJ said...

I couldn't sleep without my blankie either, so I have some sympathy. Of course, it's not me who's getting up in the middle of the night with him!

But you know, I've got sleep deprivation coming. LOL!

And seriously, I've been hibernating all weekend. It's a shame I even have to leave to go to the grocery store today. Brrr!

Birdee said...

I haven't given up swaddling yet, my LO is not rolling back to front yet so I'm in denial that we need to wean him of it. I did let one arm out last night. Just seems like when we try, he sleeps in 2 hour intervals.

He's adorable! Looks Just like you! ::wink::

Shinejil said...

Hey, that's about what my little dude does (ie feed at 1, 3, 5:30 AM). So your little guy is AMAZING to be sleeping through the night even some of the time at this age. Not that that helps you feel any less exhausted.

I'm sure once he's gotten through this developmental spurt he'll go back to his old sleepy ways. Sounds like he's already moving toward that...

Good luck and hang in there until then!

Expectant Duck said...

Sorry I dropped off the blog face of hte world! LIttle one is so so cute!