Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Happens When the Rents are at Work.

Usually Adam and Rodrigez (the Rat) cage fight in the pack-n-play. Many, many times, I've glimpsed over at my child and Rodrigez
has pinned the poor lad. I was happy to see that, while I was at work, Adam and Rodrigez learned to play well together. Look at the handholding and laughter. I was also impressed that they were able to set up the camera and get such a good shot of them playing nicely. And Adam's only six months old. Rodrigez, no idea when he was manufactured.


Denise said...

What well mannered boys!

Birdee said...

Very impressive!
I love how he's pointing and laughing (lol)

2roads said...

What a love! And a comment to your earlier post about all the gushing, I say marvel and boast away! I love to hear how happy you are! Well fought and deserved, I say! How it makes me smile!!