Thursday, June 12, 2008

In the Summertime II

I love, love, LOVE me some summertime. Last weekend, for example, was simply gorgeous. Sunny, hot, gentle breeze, all kinds of blooming things in the backyard, farmer's market on Saturday morning, plenty of food to be eaten (not sure that that changes too much season to season in my world but year round satiation is a good thing), cold adult beverages a plenty. I streamlined my weekend to-do list such that it would only contain the most critical tasks. Said tasks: (1) grocery to provide food for my family; and (2) pedicure. (I would take and post a picture of my poor pitiful feet but that could change our relationship.)

I accomplished: Neither.

What did I do instead? Went to Target (Oh, Mecca) and bought new summer rafts and floated in the pool all weekend. All Weekend Long. With plenty of sunscreen, but again, I floated all weekend long. I accomplished nothing substantive. Didn't even purchase some shoes.

I love me some summertime.

I did go to a new counselor recommended by my RE (my "marriage" counselor according to E). There was nothing wrong with my old one except that I wasn't feeling it. I don't want to talk about my childhood or what kind of mothering I received or who I resent or my anger issues (all provoked I must add), I just wanted help on "the" topic. My new marriage counselor had 8 IVFs, so I think she may know a thing or two about the "the topic."

I liked her. We got right to business. No foreplay in this relationship, which at $2 a minute I don't need to be held or caressed. Why do I want a child? Why do I not? How does E feel about it? What's my relationship like with my mother? Kidding. She did interrupt me at one point to tell me how refreshing it was to talk to someone going through infertility who has such a strong marriage. I assured her that E realizes he could never do better than me and behaves himself accordingly. Overall, it helped. She asked good questions that got right to the issue. At least I think she did, I was shlumped in awe over the 8 IVFs.

That's my weekly report. I'm still infertile. I'm still planning on one more try in the fall. I must go now and prepare my float for the weekend.

Love me some summertime.


PJ said...

Makes me wonder how many people going through IF treatment have a rocky marriage? Do you think that's maybe what she implied?

I kind of think it helps to strengthen the marriage, to go through difficult times together. You know, "what doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger"?

Happy summering! Tis' my favorite time of the year, for obvious reasons!

Io said...

Ha! I love your attitude about E realizing what a catch you are!
I'm glad you like the new therapist. (Damn! 8 IVFs?)
Enjoy the summer.

Jewels said...

Hi, I found your link on SQASPJ (secondary Infertility),
My friend Jenn tagged me, and instead of tagging the same women I always tag, I thought I’d tag 5 women I’ve never met. I was reading some blogs and enjoyed reading your’s. So I hope its okay I’m tagging you, (if you want to play).
And If its okay also, I’d like to put you on my list of blogs I read.

Paranoid said...

Mmm, floating in the pool. Sounds wonderful. Please tell me you had a nice, froufy, alcoholic frozen drink in your hand, too.

Shinejil said...

I feel more relaxed just reading the first part of your post. You know how to live, Melanie!

How amazing that your new counselor really speaks IF. That's someone who will be able to help you. She deserves a medal for all those IVFs. Wow.

peesticksandstones said...

I love summer, too! Except for when it's like super-super hot and I'm all hot-flashing on meds at the same time.

It's awesome to read about others in therapy -- I've been all over that throughout IF (and before even), but sometimes wonder if anyone else is. Strangely I do think what we're been through has made my marriage even better in some ways. Not that I'd say I'm "grateful" for infertility or anything...

Enjoy the floating!

Phoebe said...

This therapist sounds good. Eight IVFs? I don't know if I would be in awe or think something is wrong with her.