Saturday, May 16, 2009

Best Laid Plans

My plans, giggle, for this pregnancy were to take it easy. Certainly to maintain the full load I always have at work, but also to take time for myself, take a full three months maternity leave, transition back in, etc. In short, to relish in my role as a #2 at thank the lucky stars that my wildest professional dreams hadn't yet been answered and I'm not the key decisionmaker. My corner office dreams were relegated to the corner closet. For a while.

Ah, best laid plans.

Now it turns out the big job is dangling right there. In fact, I'm Acting Holder of Big Job ("AHBJ") for the next 30-45 days. Completely out of the blue, due to exceedingly uncomfortable circumstances, but nonetheless, I've got a 45 day dress rehearsal for the Big Job. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a close second to the front runner, an exceptionally talented (and likable) woman who's been promised a top job for several years. I've got the advantage in other ways, but I've still got to stretch to get this. I'm exhilarated, excited, nervous and, yes, a little pissed off. Of all the %$#@ times in my professional life to have the opportunity to reach for the brass ring, I've got my miraculous, belly kicking love affair on board and my stomach makes stretching for that oh so ellusive brass ring a bit awkward and unwieldy. Yes, yes, it's true that I've already got the brass ring doing jumping jacks inside me, but the other part of me, a big part, a part that must be nourished and fed and cared for too, needs to see how far she can go because that's who she is.

I'm exceptionally blessed that I've felt really, really good this pregnancy. And I continue to feel good. Surprisingly, I haven't felt overwhelmed or stressed. I've felt, feel, energized. And I'm trying to put this all into perspective. That either way, it will work out. If I get the Big Job, I'll be the first woman to have reached that post at my company. If I don't, I'll still have a satisfying career, a shot at the Big Job later and more time. I'll be disappointed, yes, but the gig I've got now ain't a bad one.

I have very much simplified what's going on and have probably, well certainly, glossed over my feelings about everything. I haven't simplified my feelings of calm though. If this had happened a year ago, I would have been stressed to the limits of human endurance. I'm not. I have never been happier in my life. Never. And it's not because of AHBJ. In fact, AHBJ is significantly less of a miracle than my Little A. Maybe it's because of Little A that I think anything's possible and that everything's achievable, everything being, I hope, the grace to accept whatever comes.

Best laid plans.

P.S. I will save the story of assembling the changing table last weekend for later. The changing table with 14 pages of instructions in Spanish and 4 ziploc bags containing a motley assortment of metal and wood thingies. I will also skip over the slamming of part A into my tender head which likely resulted in a concussion of which I haven't yet recovered, contributing to my unusually calm state of mind. But I'll save that for later.


Birdee said...

Wow, lots going on in your life right now.
Can’t wait to hear your changing table story.
I don't understand why baby furniture comes un-assembled, at least for me, I'm clumsy enough not pregnant. I put the crib and dresser together a couple weeks ago and have the bruises and cuts to prove it.

Evil Stepmonster said...

Congrats to you on being AHBJ!

Maybe all your dreams can come at once, or if the front runner gets the gong, at least the female precedent will be set. Either way, I reckon you will be the winner!

Denise said...

Awesome news, Melanie! You are so much calmer than I was when the career thing amped up during my pregnancy. Concussion or not, I'm in awe of you.

Rebeccah said...

The universe is funny, isn't it? As one of my law profs said, law school (and the legal profession) is like a pie eating contest where the first prize is ... more pie! The harder you work, the more work you get. Whee.

You'll find, if you get the Big Job, that your motherhood experience will really help you keep the work stuff in perspective. It won't be less stressful, but it may make you less crazy than it would otherwise. Keep us posted!

Sweet Georgia said...

Hi: I've been following your blog for a while now. I nominated you for a Sisterhood Award, you can check out the details at