Monday, April 27, 2009

First Saturday in May

Around these parts, the first Saturday in May is a big deal. Fast horses and beautiful women. Fast women and beautiful horses. Mint juleps. Trifectas. And....hats. Big, over the top, match the dress to the hat, hats. My hat last Derby was so big I strained my neck. Because I'm a trooper (and my shoes matched my hat), I continued to wear the hat, just drank more to compensate. I love hats. Others' opinions notwithstanding, hats love me.

Until this year.

I will not be wearing a hat to the Kentucky Derby. I make this decision last weekend while posing in front of my mirror donning one of my favorite hats from yesteryear. I looked like a flying knocked up nun, a mushroom that had swallowed a dung beetle...I looked silly. I wonder if I will have to enter the track through the "non hat wearers" door, located so far on the backside that the powers that be hope you'll give up in frustration and go home to watch the races on TV? It's a sad story, I know.

In other news, the issue of "showers" has arisen. I'm very flattered and touched that dear friends and family have offered to throw me baby showers, but the thought of a shower makes me feel twitchy and itchy and rash-like. It would be different I suppose if I weren't 39 years old and not already scarred by the endless Saturday afternoons I gave up to guess the diaper containing the tootsie roll. E thinks I'm nuts, but this is the same man who wouldn't have to attend and count tootsie rolls and also believes that people give you cribs or free college educations at these events. Silly, silly man.

So, I'm holding firm. No showers. Especially the dreaded work shower, though for different reasons. I work with a bunch of male lawyers, and support staff and paralegals who are primarily women. The bunch of male lawyers part speaks for itself. And, as wonderful as the support staff and paralegals are, I can't bear the thought of them spending their money on me. Economically, times are tough and it's just not right to put people in the position where they feel compelled to contribute, so no work shower. I will take the bakery cake with lots of icing though. The men can pony up for that.


Shinejil said...

I like it! The "Men, Buy Me A Cotton-Picking Cake 'Cause I'm Pregnant" Party! Way better than a shower.

Mmmm, cake...

I'm not going to do the shower, either. I will be sending out announcements (I know, I'm jumping the gun here) in hopes of soliciting familial generosity, but would be more into pigging out with friends (yes, there will be cake) than playing some creepy celebrity baby bingo or something.

Sue said...

I think it's just as well you're not having a shower. I was really surprised at the useless gifts I received, even if they were given with love. I have another shower this week, then my husband and I will spend a lot of time sorting through all our gifts, followed by spending a ton of money on everything we still need. I guess the best thing about having been a shower recipient is that I now think I will be a better shower gift giver in the future. Enjoy your cake and celebrate!

Dr.Rutledge said...

Hi Melanie,

Hope all is well and thank you for sharing this experience.

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Birdee said...

Where have you been?
Anywho - have you registered?
I know - I know - I read the 4th paragraph down, NO SHOWERS! But try registering, you might shit yourself when you see how expensive babies are - and realize that if someone WANTS to get you something, maybe it could be graciously received and appreciated.
But again - maybe not. If it's not your thing, it's not your thing.
I wasn’t going to have shower either, but for me - everyone who knows I've been TTC is so damn excited that I'm finally KU with a sticky bean, they want to get me something. So I'll just take Benadryl for the itch that day, and just make it clear "I had nothing to do with this! - tho I appreciate it still".
I’m not “having a shower for the gifts” tho what other reason do you have one? Well maybe to celebrate baby’s official Birth Day. And it is for baby.
I’m not trying to talk you into a shower, but I’d just like to suggest you don’t completely rule out a shower just yet (is all).
There is actually something fun about getting a present from someone who beams as they give it to you, not because they feel obligated, but because they love you and they love this baby too, and it being something so damn cute – that you never would have bought yourself.
Okay – enough of me and my sillyness.