Monday, February 4, 2008

Talk me off the ledge.

My weekly package from Schraft's, a Walgreens SpecialityPharmacy, arrived this morning. Everything appeared to be in order. Two vials of Delestrogen. Yep. Syringes. Check. Needles. Wow. This can't be right. This isn't like the 30g 1/2" needle I used for my trigger shot. This says 23g 1 1/2" needle. An inch and one half, circumference the size of pencil lead. Dear God, I can see the pointy end at the end of the needle designed to pierce flesh. This is no needle, this is a lance. You could go spear fishing with this thing. Depress plunger, catch shark. This has to be a mistake.

We all make mistakes. I'm a little surprised that my reliable RE would make such a big one, had to be Schraft's, a Walgreens SpecialityPharmacy.

My voicemail to my RE: "Hi, it's Melanie. I received my package from Schraft's. Thanks so much for calling it in. It looks like they sent me the wrong needles. Heh, Heh. These are really big. Heh, Heh. So if you would just call in the correct size, that would be great. No need to call me back. Thanks."

They called back. No mistake. I pleaded, cajoled, complained. No mistake. Ensure shot is in upper outside quadrant of rear end. Avoid sciatic nerve. Oh, okay. They taught me all about it in law school.

Dr. Google reveals no instructional videos for Delestrogen shots. I've found no testimonials from successful givers/receivers of Delestrogen shots. I fear they're all in comas. Or worse.

Help. Me.


gracechild said...

I noticed that walgreen's had a speciality clinic but I never tried to use them. Are they good? How do they compare pricewise for drugs not covered by insurance?

Mrs.X said...

First, take deep cleansing breaths and do not try to imagine the spear piercing your delicate flesh.

Second, my RE taught me a neat trick (while placing his hand on my ass for demonstration and explicitly stating that he was NOT getting fresh with me) for placement of butt injections - take the hand that corresponds to the cheek that you are using and feel for the bone at the top of the butt. Move the hand toward the hip, away from the nerve in the middle. Anchor your thumb there, on the bone, and make an "L" with the rest of your hand down the butt. The square area that is made from the thumb and hand is the area in which to poke.

NOTE- I am not a doctor, I don't even play one in real life. I'm just relaying what my RE told me.

Most important, don't look while you stick. You can do it!

Io said...

Um, shit. Get off the ledge?

The Town Criers said...

Oh. My. G-d. 23 gauge? No good advice, but have you tried the IVF Shoot 'Em Up?

Actually--you know who has been doing estrogen IMs this cycle--Lindsay from Our Family Beginnings (

Denise said...

Hmm. Really not sure what to say to this. I think my PIO needles are 22g 1 1/2 inch. They suck. My ass (and my walk) hasn't been the same for a week now.

Is there a reason they switched you to this? Can you call back and beg for mercy?

luna said...

ouch, I'm so sorry I can't help much here. I can only hold your virtual hand and try to calmly talk you down...

slow, deep breaths, into the belly through the nose. breathe in. it will be over soon. breathe out. be sure not to look. breathe in. it's all for the cause. breathe out. it's only for a short while...

I'm sorry, I know that's not real helpful. but the breath part helps me when I'm freaking out.

I know ice to numb before and heat after helped me with progest. wish I could offer more. good luck! ~luna

shinejil said...

What an unpleasant surprise! I wish I knew something that would help, besides the good advice (breathing, poking your butt in the correct area) more experienced gals have offered.

I hope all goes smoothly and as painlessly as possible.

Duck said...

Is it an im injection? If so - here is a link to some instructions -

Hope it helps :)

Almamay said...

I can't stress the help EMLA cream has given me for my IM injections using the same gauge needle. It numbs the site and you can't feel a thing. I think you can buy EMLA in the US without a prescription, you can in the UK. I've seen it sold on the internet without prescription.

One tip about IM injections. Move the site around slightly and alternate sides of your bottom if you can. Mrs X has given excellent advice for finding the injection area.

Carrie said...

Sorry, no advice here. I am feeling for you though.
Hope you have it mastered by now.

Actually I've thought of a little advice :-)
I've never done my own IM injections but when the nurse was doing it she told me to keep wiggling my toes. Seemingly this helps keep the hip relaxed or loose or something like that. OK, maybe not earth shattering advice but all I can do!

heather said...

er.. owch!
I have also heard that the numbing cream is a wondrous thing. Now i have to go home and look at the gauge on my PIO needles.
(thank god I don't have to use the mixing needles in my butt, those things are huge)
heather (saltpickles)

Anonymous said...

If you are thin, you can get away with 25g 1" needles. That's what I'm using, but I'm injecting Saizen (HGH) intramuscularly, not PIO. On the "IVF Shoot'um Up" blog, I saw one gal do her PIO shots with 25g. Same with a friend of mine. They are pretty easy.