Friday, August 22, 2008

1000 Sorries

Death. Terminal illness. Divorce. Infertility. Try as I might, I can't conceive (no shit) of four more stressful, devastating, isolating, heart wrenching situations one could face. I write this with confidence because my own fabulous therapist (8 IVFs) confirmed that indeed, infertility is part of the big four. The issue I have is how we respond to those of us facing one of the above. Drum roll please, that issue I'm specifically interested in is Infertility.

The support I've received in this forum has been wonderful and affirming. At times I have felt that the only place I can snuggle up with my like kind has been here, in this community. But I've also reached a point where I can't hear "I'm so sorry" anymore without cringing, or lately polishing off my hard exoskeleton and letting the words bounce right off. I know that every sentiment of condolence has been sincere and heartfelt, but I've reached my lifetime maximum of sorries, I'm not sorry to say. Perhaps I need more therapy, but the more "I'm sorries" I hear, the more I hear that I'm to be pitied. I can't bear that.

So I propose a new lexicon for those battling infertility.
  • When a cycle is cancelled because of an anorexic lining, the proper response is this: "Fucking Whole Foods for selling out of raspberry leaf tea; don't they know how many people are undergoing IVF in [insert geographical area]." Or "Dumbass RE couldn't figure out until too late that intramuscular estrogen shots are more effective than those patches that don't stick to human skin." "Bastards."
  • If your cycle is cancelled because you're follicles aren't developing, the proper response is: "Stupid nurse didn't know any better than to jam the dildocam into your left ovary, scaring your follicles into submission until next cycle?" "Bitch."
  • How about this for a BFN? "Moron embryologist should have know to do a five day transfer to weed out the weak little three dayers." Or "Your stupid embryologist should have known that the longer you leave embryos in a petri dish, the more they squabble and get discontented with life. That's why they should have done a three day transfer." "Idiots."

You get the picture. I recognize that this new lexicon is fairly low on the accountability ladder, but frankly my dear infertiles, I don't give a damn. All missteps, failures, bad news, uncertainty and unexpected events should be someone else's fault. I speak only for me obviously, but, please, I implore you, help me put the blame elsewhere. No "I'm sorries." No "My heart breaks for you." I want anger. I want rage. I want venom directed to some moron somewhere who screwed up my cycle, my pregnancy, my emotional wellbeing. And if I've done something to screw up my cycle, I want a steady stream of directed, red hot fire at the individual or situation who or which disrupted me enough to cause me to screw up, even if said culprit is not readily identifiable.

All this babble to say, I like me better when I'm angry. I'm good when I'm pissed. I'm worthless when I'm a ball of self pitying mush muttering insensibly to the wall "why me?"

As for my August cycle, which I've been loathe to talk about, it's been one big roller coaster of bullshit and it's someone else's fault. My lining is like a 20 year olds. Seriously. My follicles are behaving like someone's geriatric great grandmother. That said, it still continues. I thought it would be cancelled today, but my right ovary has decided to perk up (the right side? It pains my liberal soul.) So we proceed. Despite all those bastards throwing me curve balls.

Say it with me, "Bastards."


Alacrity said...

Those fucking bastards!! Why can't they get it right just once??

How's that?


Angry is definitely better than some of the alternatives. Hang in there. Loved your post.

Mrs.X said...

Ah, the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Glad see that IF is worthy of such an exalted title, because frankly, it sucks.

I totally second your "No Sorry" policy. Just like there should be a different lexicon for taking pregnancy tests - it's not a test in the conventional sense, dammit! - there needs to be a special lexicon for sympathy that doesn't sound like pity.

So, how's this for you:

Poor ovarian response: Fucking eggs, didn't they get the memo about the new protocol! Yes, I'm talking to you Humpty!

Lining issues: Fucking moon and the tides are out of whack with my cycle. Get it together people!

BFN after IVF: Fucking embryologist forgot to give me the sticky embryos. Dammit!

And yes, I support another round of "Bastards!"

Io said...

Oh, I can do anger and rage.
Those cocksucking asswipes fucked your shit up and I want to drop an elbow on their backs and then make fun of their tears.
What a bunch of hooey.

Shinejil said...

Those assclowns! Who the hell missed the memo? The eggs and lining develop in tandem, dipshits! Not one cycle after another.

Geez, good help is so hard to find these days.

No more fucking Sorries.

luna said...

all those sorrys made me feel pretty pitiful too, I fucking hate that.

S said...

I'll say it with you...bastards!!! Glad to see you have some energy left in there! Dig down!! I hate someone to pity me!!!

Denise said...

Those fucking whore bag ovaries!

I totally agree with the blame. There should be someone or something to blame for everything that goes wrong in life.

Josie said...

Hi-I read your blog and today for the first time in a long time (2 IVF's -last one worked, had twins, lost them at 9 weeks, followed by 2 D&C's and bleeding for 4 straight weeks) I laughed out loud!
I would love to blame all this on anyone but me and my body!
Keep blogging!

Joonie said...

Bastards! I'm with you all the way. I think rage is a very healthy emotion for an infertile!

2roads said...

Sons of Bitches!!