Friday, October 24, 2008

On Hiatus and then a question mark.

And now I'm back. Last week, I was at a conference in Austin, TX. The kind of conference where the lack of natural sunlight transforms you into a subterranean burrowing mammal with small covered eyes. And it was with a bunch of lawyers. I hate lawyers. Monday of this week more than made up for it. I played in a golf tournament at Valhalla in Louisville, where the Ryder Cup was held this year. It was spectacularly beautiful. Even the errant shots and occasional whiffs (okay and scattered F-bombs) didn't take away from the beauty of the day. Not to mention the guilty pleasure of playing golf on a Monday. And drinking a beer at noon.

I will be starting another cycle in November. That is, I will be starting another cycle if I ever get my period. No, no, I'm not pregnant. But I am 7 days late. I've never been 7 days late. I've been a consistent 29-30 day cycle-er for many a moon now, but for some reason, I'm 7 days late. I can't start taking BCP if I don't get a period. Strangely, I was never late after any of my IVF cycles either. I can't attribute it to stress or travel or weight gain/loss, so I guess I'm flummoxed. Or, I'm going through menopause. And wouldn't that just be the final bitch slap from fate? (I should just link back to my gazillion posts on how infertility always, always throws you a curve ball.)

Any thoughts?


Shinejil said...

No clues at all. Have you tried threatening to POAS or hoped against hope? White silk pants? A trip to a waterpark?

Always worked for me...

Jewels said...

That was my suggestion, white silk pants. Maybe POAS and she'll come. UGH, I hate waiting for AF when I know she's coming.

Carrie said...

Why can't anything be easy for a change?

If you are sure your not pg then I hope she turns up soon. There is no need to string this out anymore than it has to be.

Io said...

Oh man, was I supposed to feel *guilty* about drinking at noon?

Glad you had such a nice day on Monday. It sounds like a nice way to come back after the conference. I don't play golf, but when we have our work outing, I still enjoy driving around in the cart with a beer.

Heh. I like the white silk pants idea. I'm sorry she hasn't shown up. I hope it's just the traveling that has thrown you off.

Almamay said...

I've had the same thing. After about 3 or 4 IVF cycles my cycle after the BFN would be about 40-42 days. I think this is because I was down regging with those cycles with Decapeptyl. It freaked me out but not as bad as my cycle at the beginnging of this year that was 80 days. I was told that this happened because of the Decapeptyl injection which was intramuscular 3mg. Everything has been pretty normal ever since.

Hope that helps and AF turns up and you can get a move on.