Wednesday, March 11, 2009

12 Steps

I post the above shameful display as proof of the destructiveness of addiction. And, as one who hasn't peed on a stick in months, as clear and convincing evidence that one can beat addiction. Yes, yes, it is true that I could have additional peesticks and pictures of peesticks I haven't shared, but I don't, so trust me. As I conquered the evil peestick, I will conquer the ultrasound. I will have faith that my Little A is growing and thriving and I don't need to eavesdrop every week.

I know I can. I know I can.

Next week, that is.

Below you will see my Little A, well the lower half of him or her, taken at today's ultrasound. At the upper left is a big fat tummy, measuring 16 awe inspiring weeks. And dangling below that massive belly you will see two plump, juicy frog, er, fetus legs, gently crossed...just screaming for some spicy chipotle dipping sauce. He looks just like his mama as she waits for Raoul her beach boy to bring her a beverage. Little A was uncooperative in the sex determination department...again. Tricky fetus! I did see him (so tired of typing multiple pronouns) put his little hand in his mouth, which made me giddy with joy. After the picture below, he scrunched his little legs and kicked off the side. Did I mention with natural grace and elegance?


Io said...

Dude, it is HARD to beat that peestick addiction. Even knowing that it's 100% impossible when I was at Big Lots the other day and saw them for 80 cents apiece I thought briefly about buying a couple.
I'm proud of you - you beat one addiction, you can beat this one too.
Your kid has some long legs! And yes, a yummy little belly.

S said...

The picture of the sticks made me giggle. I kept my large quanitity of positive hpt's with dd #1 for a really long time (she was a little over one and we moved-I think that is the only reason I parted with them LOL). I still have 6 positives from dd #2 who is almost 5 months.....what is it with those sticks? I never beat the stick addiction or the ultrasound addiction...with dd #2 I think I had 18 or so ultrasounds. Granted some of those were for "real" issues so not all could be a result of my nuerosis!

Denise said...

I love the pee stick picture. Totally tells a story! I still have my 3 positive pee sticks from my pregnancy in a drawer. I've been wondering what to do with them. Seems kind of gross to tape them into a baby book or something!

And of course the picture of A is beautiful in its own alien way! Drat that he/she won't reveal the goods. Stubborn little guy/gal.

Paranoid said...

(s)he's very cute. And just think, in about a month, you can start kicking the ultrasound addiction because you'll be able to feel the baby moving around in there. Of course, if you're like me, you'll just trade it for an addiction to kick counts and the occasional OJ binge (to give the baby a sugar rush than makes him/her move around a lot so you can stop worrying, of course).

heather said...

oh my god, it's been awhile since i checked in and now i do and YAY!!! and i just won't admit to the amount of peesticks I went through. it's horrid and embarrassing. anyway, i'm so happy for you! (heather of and now xo

Another Julia said...

You can always make a mobile for the baby out of those pee sticks! :)
Glad to hear that everything is going well with the baby!