Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Failure and Redemption

About two weeks ago, I didn't just "not pass" my glucose screen, I failed it. FAILED IT. No equivocation, no borderline result, no "let's just prick your finger again, sweetie." My screen was a 183. Cut off is 135. Three hour test is Monday. Three hours. I was advised to eat less fruits, sweets, starches, carbs; in other words, enjoy to your heart's content everything you have grown to hate. Asparagus or dirt encrusted vegetable dipped in mud? Have at it! Carrots marinated in vinaigrette of cow pasture? Enjoy! I could weep. Oh, and the piece de resistance? You really should exercise more. Does walking to my car count?

The three hour test was fine until the third hour. I was lightheaded, nauseous, irritated, uncomfortable and borderline mean. I spent the last hour waiting for my blood draw in my car with the seat reclined and window cracked to get some air because the waiting room was atrocious. Small, uncomfortable and occupied by another 3 hour test dummy who went out for smokes after each blood draw. I. kid. you. not. A pregnant woman who went outside to smoke. Cigarettes. There's so much to say about that one that I'll pass. What I will say is that the after smell of the cigarettes tipped me over the edge. No exaggeration, the worst I have felt my entire pregnancy was during and after that third after.

The good news is that my results came back borderline. Of the four numbers, only one was too high. The last number was precipitously low, leading the nurse practitioner to comment "you must not have been feeling too well." On the nose, honey. So, I was instructed to cut out sweets (NOOOO), reduce fruits (NOOO), milk and yogurt, and eat only complex carbs. I asked if a time consuming recipe for pasta with cream sauce counted as a complex carb. Um, no. Oh and exercise. I get tired walking to my car.

Strangely, I continue to feel really well. Adam's room is done and I love it. Light blue, chocolate brown and cream. And the overstuffed rocker and ottoman -- chocolate brown with light blue polka dots--cute beyond cuteness.

Not long now. Not long at all.


Io said...

Oh yuck. That sounds awful and just hearing about the smoking pregnant woman makes my blood boil.
The room sounds really cute though!

Sweet Georgia said...

What a crappy experience! Sorry about the failed glucose test. But, as you said it's not long now!

Pinky said...

Not that I condone smoking, but my sisters best friend was told to continue smoking during her pregnancy. If she stopped it would cause the baby more stress than not. Her kids are great kids, but I do not approve of smoking, drinking or drugs while pregnant.

Birdee said...

I have to bite my tongue when I see pregnant women smoking, but it makes my blood boil. Yes, I'm against it. But I hate cigarettes in the first place. But when my friend N was told to keep smoking in her pregnancy due to the stress it can cause from quitting, she continued, just cut down. Her baby boy was born at 8lb something oz, 21 inches long, healthy - and died 8 hours after birth. Why? IDK and neither do they, I dont want to blame, but as a mom, I couldnt live with myself knowing my smoking may have been the cause, and in talking to her, she totally blames her smoking.

I know I need to exercise more, if the amount of energy used to L&D is equivalent to running a marathon, I'd better get my a$$ in gear, I've only got 5 more weeks to train for this big day.

Shinejil said...

You poor thing. That sounds terrible.

I got the same advice--without even sort of kind of failing any test! Mean hippy midwives!

Cutting out yogurt? What's next? The hard tack, protein powder, and lemon juice diet? Crazy. My sympathies--and I have my test soon, so they may also decide to send me to the damn groats table to join you. Grrrr.

But that said, I do feel much, much better since I started swimming and working out (gently). I know you have an intense job and lots of other stuff going on, but it feels so damn good to get in the pool: all that weight and awkwardness just melts away for a few minutes and it's so nice and cool.

But it is very irritating when the docs are right, you know?

Evil Stepmonster said...

Restrictive diet AND exercise - bah humbug!
Hope you are still feeling well.
Adam's room sounds just gorgeous.

TABI said...

Eek, sorry for the failed test. My friend has this too and all went well. Just stopping in to say hello and wish you the best as you wait for your new arrival!