Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ah, tell me more...

I feel like saving a whale. The visit to the RE yesterday went really well. I feel relieved and, dare I say it, optimistic? I learned that my clinic had a 75% thaw rate last cycle for frozen blasts. This is good. This means that there's a huge likelihood of success that one of my ice pops will survive the thaw, dare I hope, maybe both will make it out of the cold, dark freezer? I also learned that there's a very strong likelihood that I'll get pregnant at some point; that I have no insurmountable obstacles to achieving pregnancy (other than, ahem, the equivalent of a new Volkswagen (though bottom of the line) for each fresh IVF cycle); and that plenty of almost 38 years olds get pregnant. Happy sigh.

I'm also going to do acupuncture. I've read so much about the positive effects of acupuncture on infertility and in vitro that I'm going to give it a try. I talked to the acupuncturist today and she, well, didn't sound like a sadist. She seemed kind of perky and not what I'd expect from a person who deals in needles every day. (I like that her name is "Chase" and not "Gruelda") She also said that it's very relaxing and many of her stickees fall asleep on the table. Relaxed or passed out from the pain? Dunno. I'm going next Wed. If I fail to post after that, call the cops.

So, I'm feeling like I'm getting my groove back. Not "shopping at Pottery Barn Kids" optimistic, but hopeful. Cautiously, optimistically, "getting my groove back on," by damn this might work out" hopeful.

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