Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Resolutions that aren't.

I'm resolute that the easiest way to get off to a bad start in a new year is to make resolutions. Day one of the new year and you're immediately burdened by a daunting list of must-dos, not to mention the nagging feeling of inadequacy that prompts such a huge list of "resolutions." Note to Me: You are not going to learn French and write the Great American Novel by December 31, 2008. I'm sorry, me, but your days of being a supermodel by day and neurosurgeon by night are, sadly, not meant to be in 2008. Nope, I'm taking baby steps into the new year.

I've decided a better use of my time this resolution-making season is to take a good look at the me of last year, give a few atta girls where deserved and a few might-want-to-tweaks where necessary. So here goes:
  • I had a great year professionally; took on a lot of responsibility; learned to set aside my fear of criticism and sought feedback, even when it was hard to hear; learned to be a better boss; also learned how to let go. Overall, Atta Girl.
  • Forgiveness. It's easier to forgive a stranger than it is someone close who hurt you. I've got some steps to take before I get this right. Some ego to set aside. I'm going to work on this.
  • Last year was my first full year of marriage with E. And never in my deepest heart of hearts did I believe I would have this much happiness. I get an Atta Girl for choosing really, really well.
  • Stress. Umm. Well. Uh. I will definitely work very hard to learn how to manage this better. I am not a pretty girl when I'm stressed.
  • Relationships. I have a lovely family and wonderful friends. For that I get an Atta Girl. We can always strengthen relationships. We can--should--strive to be kinder, more understanding, less judgmental, less demanding. I'll keep working on this.

So that's my review of 2007. Overall, (double negative coming) it wasn't a bad year. In fact, there was a lot of joy in 2007--lovely first year of marriage, wonderful home, supportive family and friends, and the hope, oh the hope, of solving this infertility dilemma. I believed that in vitro would work, it didn't, I was crushed. But I still believe that it will work. Have to.

Bring it on, 2008.


Denise said...

Very nice post for the first day of 2008! I like the atta girls mixed in with the things to work on. Definitely important to acknowledge the strengths along with the weaknesses!

Io said...

Definitely atta girl!

niobe said...

I'm right there with you on the IVF cycle this month. Hoping for good things for both of us.