Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Oh stooooppp.

Oh my goodness. The fabulous and extraordinary Mrs. X (theyoungandtheinfertile.blogspot) hearts my blog. I'm tickled pink and say right back at ya! The warm fuzzies must be shared (particularly because there's been a dearth of same in our little blogging community lately), so I'm passing this on to Denise at I love her blog and selfishly, she has been such a wonderful source of support and good advice as we have shared one shit cycle after another. I also heart Rebeccah at This woman studied for the bar exam while undergoing IVF. I break out in hives just thinking about it. And Io at because she's irreverent and funny and doesn't have cankles.
Off to Portland, Oregon tomorrow, where, predictably, it will be raining. I mean absolutely no offense to Portland or Oregon, but I would rather be on my way to the Caribbean. Or to the lottery office to collect my winnings. Alas.


Io said...

Alas indeed - for half a second I read that last sentence as you were going to pick up your lottery winnings tomorrow.
Ah well, even if you have to go to Portland, at least you <3 me! I <3 you too!

Cathleen said...

Thank you so much for the advice on the PIO shot!

I hope you get good news from the upcoming bloodwork.

Denise said...

Aww, shucks! Back at ya, babe! Hopefully we can break this pattern of shitty cycles soon.

Rebeccah said...

You like me! You really like me! I <3 you too! (blush)

And you're traveling to our neck of the woods, yippee. Sorry 'bout the weather ... it was lovely today, when I was stuck in the office, but the weekend, well, um.

Mrs.X said...

Fabulous and extraordinary - I need to get that on my business cards! So glad to be able to share some fuzzies with you!