Friday, April 25, 2008

Well, hello there.

It's fascinating to me how people have found my little blog and how I've stumbled upon blogs that touch me, move me, make me think, make me come back for more. I remember my bad place last year after my failed IVF, when, with what was surely the hand of grace, I stumbled upon Mel's blog, Holy shit, I remember saying out loud, there's a whole colony of us! Dear God, a herd of infertiles! Each comment (except for the two snarky ones), each click, each link has lifted me and supported me and, I do earnestly believe, has kept me from shaving my head and beating station wagons with baseball bats. For the lack of felony assaults on my record and subsequent disbarment, I humbly thank you.

Rambling preamble aside, it's always fun to find out how people find your blog. I share with you in no particular order my favorite google searches that led people here:

1. "How to buy alcohol underage in Myrtle Beach."
2. "How to shoot heroin." (I'm seeing a disturbing pattern emerge.)
3. "Fluff my pillow." (I need to meet this girl.)
4. "Getting pregnant too easily." (You're in the wrong neighborhood sweetheart.)
5. "injections butt." (Come into my parlor.)
6. "How can I stop myself getting stressed because I can't get pregnant." (If I only knew...)

And then, of course, there are the ones that make you want to reach out through Dr. Google and give someone a hug, like "early miscarriage betas not doubling" and "hopelessness IVF infertility." And I hope with all my heart, that like me they stumble upon someone in our herd who can give them hope and encouragement and support and sanity.

Happy weekend everyone!


Denise said...

Injections butt. Hehe.

How do you find out what phrases people have used? I know people do this all the time, so I feel silly for asking, but I'm clueless about it.

PJ said...

Uhhh... Denise, I think she was just being creative. :P

I'm with you. My jaw dropped when I found Lost and Found.

gracechild said...

Amazing searches you got there. I just checked mine and discovered people land on my blog by searching "constipation punishment"!!! I don't even get it.:)

Duck said...

Lost and found is amazing, there are a herd of us, wouldn't it be great it we could all get together in person at some giant party, where we could all shave our heads and do some rioting? Of course, we would only go after station wagons and vans, and vehicles with the annoying baby on board signs.... just a thought;.

shinejil said...

Thanks for the laughs, Melanie. Good weekend, indeed.

Mrs.X said...

I don't even want to know how we got from 0 to how to shoot heroin. Seriously. Who would actually google that?

But, then, there are those searches that we have all put in and I'm so glad that Google directed them here. You are a good lady, Melanie Brown.

Ahuva Batya said...

This made me laugh, but also smile at your kindness.

BB and MTB said...

Ah, Google - where would we be without it?

And I only recently found Lost and Found. I had no idea....

heather said...

i don't think she was just being creative! if you have a stats counter, they often track where people come from. I use sitemeter.

my searches of late are "why do i suddenly like pickles" "decided not to adopt, infertility"
and a super duper long but sad one
"i had my 4 week scan after IVF today and there was a single pregnancy but not fetal pole or yolk sac"