Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello Spring

Ah, glorious, happy, delightful Spring. Where have you been all my life? Yesterday, I sat outside on my cushioned lounge chair, felt the sun on my face, ignored the screaming children from two houses down (whose parents bought them a trampoline for Christmas. Grrr.) and thought, yes, this is good. Really good. Nothing in the world regenerates my spirit like spring. Except maybe sitting in my comfortable lounge chair in Spring feeling my Little A kick and punch my uterus like a little welterweight. Bliss.

Finally, I'm feeling some action in my belly. I've felt little this's and that's for a few weeks but nothing I could distinctly categorize as baby movement. Then, last Thursday, my stomach turned into microwave popcorn. Picture the old Batman TV shows...BAM, Kaboom, POW, BOOM. I can almost hear his little gurgling wail now, "I wanna speak to the warden. GIMME out of here" (in an underwater voice of course). I'm having so much fun at his expense. Dare I also admit that sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I'll eat a cookie just to get a little feel of the fetus olympiad. I'm having way too much fun at the child's expense.

Though I was planning on waiting until, oh about 38 weeks before I bought anything for Little A, I broke down. I bought bedding. And a matching teddy bear. And matching mobile. Dear God, I bought flippin' pillows too. And somehow, a miniature pair of cargo pants and polo shirt showed up on my dining room table. And not that anyone other than me has any interest WHATSOEVER in the bedding I bought a few weeks...months early, but if you are, here's the link.

I am weak. Weak, weak, weak.

So here's my pledge. My next post will deal only with adult issues. I will not mention teddy bears, mobiles, adorable cargo pants or other infantile subjects. Really. Global warming, recessions and Somali pirates only.

Happy Spring!


Denise said...

So glad little A is moving around a lot for you! I love the bedding. Would totally put it on my own bed.

Old Mom New Baby said...

I just realized our due dates are only 11 days apart from each other =D
I bought our little man 2 bedding sets. Why? Because I can't make a decision, I've turned retarded.
So I've put my will and my live into the care of my 14 year old son. Scary eh?
Oh-and I love to hear about the teddy bears and blankets n-stuff.

Anyway- I’m not sure if it’s you, but I still have a pending invite to my blog to a Melanie, if it is you and you haven’t received the invite, I’m sending it again, it will be in your e-mail (Hopefully Inbox and not Junk Mail) You’ll have to accept it to view my blog.
I just didn’t want you to think I forgot about you. =D

Duck said...

Glad to hear that there is positive uterus action.

Io said...

Yay for getting some popcorn action! Your baby sounds delicious!
I love the bedding.