Saturday, September 20, 2008


Thank you Anne. You have no idea how much this touched me.


PJ said...

They are beautiful!!!

Sending you wishes of peace.

luna said...


Io said...

Very pretty - I just want to stick my nose in it and inhale.

Shinejil said...

Lovely! What a nice gift!

Lori said...

Pretty flowers -- I am sure they brought some love and sunshine into your home.

From your question on L&F, I am wondering if you are in Colo. If so, let me know if you want to join the ColoBloggers. (

There are several in our group who have experience with CCRM and other clinics in our area.

Hope you get some good answers!

Jen said...

I cycled at CCRM and LOVED Dr. G there. He handled all my procedures oddly enough. Let me know if you have questions.