Friday, December 5, 2008

Hide the elves

Retrieval was two snaps in a circle. 9 eggs. I was a little disappointed because, typically, I wanted more, more, more. My little lottery tickets. The RE and embryologist were pleased, telling me that this was my best cycle so far on all fronts. I let those words swirl around a bit and allowed myself an atta girl, like a third grader who correctly completes a math problem on the black board. (do they still have black boards?) My atta girls are certainly tempered with a dose of reality. There's a heckofalot more to this process than what we can see and hear. In other words, it's outta my hands. Transfer will be Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on my lining.

This weekend I will stalk the perfect Christmas tree. Tall and skinny and fresh tree smelling. I will also stock up on books and movies and other bribes to keep me from moving about so much on my not really bed rest, bed rest. And then, if it turns out that this transfer does not result in a viable pregnancy and ultimately a pink, round, roly poly child bundle of childness, I will take said tree and stab an elf and at least 6 reindeer.

I'm not kidding.


Shinejil said...

No! No! Not the reindeer!

How about a clown instead?

Here's to a good not-so-bed-resty bed rest and a great ET.

Mermaid said...

I'm pulling for those 9 plucky little eggs, because I'd hate to see reindeer fall victim to an IF rage! Seriously, that's a great number. I can't wait to hear the fert report!

Duck said...

I'm right there with you hanging on the edge just waiting to find out. May I say way to go eggs and uterus, they have both made a very fine contribution, you deserve a big gold star.
Good luck in your tree search.

Mo and Will said...

That's awesome that you got 9! I'm slated for ER on Sunday and will hope for as good a number as you. I'll be checking back. Hope you're feeling ok, post retrieval.



PJ said...

Well, I'm giving you an atta girl too!

I'm wishing you and thus the elves, luck!

My transfer will probably be on Tuesday.

Nine sounds wonderful! If I get seven or more tomorrow morning, I'm calling this my best cycle also. So far... anyway.

We use white dry erase boards now. :) People are anti-chalk dust these days.

Denise said...

Kudos to your ovaries and uterus this cycle! Wishing you a beautiful fert report and transfer. Oh, and if needed, I will help you capture the elf and reindeer.

Almamay said...

Good news about your eggies. Well done.

Phoebe said...

Try not to get caught up in the numbers game. Personally, I think nine is fine! In the meanwhile, I hope that relaxation is in your vocabulary for the next few days.