Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blame it on the hormones?

Last Thursday, I felt fantastic. Really, really good. No headaches, no hung over feeling. Still would rather eat a cheeseburger than do 30 minutes on the elliptical, but that's par for the course (actually that's an eagle). So, I called my husband and said "I'm a little worried I'm feeling so good, maybe something's not ok." Silence. I could hear the eye rolling. "Everything's fine. We have an appointment on Monday. You'll see then." Silence on my part. "You're thinking about going for another ultrasound aren't you." Denial. "No, I can wait until Monday."

Fifteen minutes later, I'm on my way to get another ultrasound. Amazing. I could see Twin A moving. As in jitterbugging. The nurse pointed out A's little arm. Wow. A's an overachiever and is measuring a day ahead. Twin B is still measuring a day or two behind, but has a strong heartbeat. I think I saw Twin A waving at B, as in "wish you had one of these don't you sucka?" I'm concerned that A isn't learning how to get along well with others.

So, no ultrasound yesterday; I have to wait until Thursday. I'm digging this ultrasound on demand action.


Mermaid said...

Prepare for your uterus to become home to one giant sibling rivalry. I'm not too far ahead of you and I've already witnessed my children kicking each other. Aren't the next 18 years going to be great? Actually, yes, they are really going to be amazing.

Elle Charlie said...

That's great that you got a look and all looks FANTASTIC! Yay!

Sweet Georgia said...

Glad the little ones are doing well. Too funny that twin A is taunting twin B.

JJ said...

I found your blog recently and have been following your progress. Heeheee, so excited for you! And I know I'd be knocking on the door for an ultrasound every morning....... Great that all looks good.